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>> on twitter quite a few people got the answer correct. it was george washington do youg his second inaugural address. 135 words, short every. >> john quincy adams, first to wear trousers. >> that jumped out at you. >> thanks for spending some of
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your sunday with us. >> plenty more coverage coming your way. >> i'll be back at 6 eastern with a special edition of special report. >> we'll bo be back tonight as the president delivers remarks at the candlelight celebration beginning his second term. see you tonight. >> hi, everybody. brand new stories and breaking news. >> president obama taking the oath of office to begin his second term. how different was it from four years ago? we are live at the white house. and hundreds of hostages freed in algeria, seeing daylight for the first time in four days. how nations are scrambling to account for those missing including americans. plus, serious new warnings as an unusually severe flu virus continues to spread. the latest numbers showing seniors are americans most vulnerable. it's all happening now. good sunday afternoon to
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you. i'm john scott. >> in a little news before the football game starts, right, john? >> that's right. glad to see you everybody. i'm jenna lee. today a historic day. the president officially sworn in for his second term as president of the united states. the oath of office administered by chief justice john roberts in a small ceremony at the white house. our chief white house correspondent ed henry is there live with more. ed, i won't speak for you. i know what it's like to say the wrong words now and then on live television with a live audience. this time, though, the swearing in seemed to be flawless, is that right? >> reporter: that's right, jenna. it went off without a hitch at least this time. you remember a bit of a flub from the chief justice four years ago. he went without note cards, was trying to memorize the oath, slipped up a little bit. this time he had note cards in hand. we should note the pageantry of the moment. it was held in the blue room which is a small room, about 30 by 40 feet in the white house, much smaller than the east room
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where some of t ceremonial rooms are. we wanted it to be small, intimate, mostly family on hand to watch him sworn in for the second time. very interesting. after he took his hand off the robinson family bible, his wife's family bible, he had a very human moment with his daughters. take a listen. >> thank you, mr. chief justice. thank you so much. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> i did it. >> all right. thank you, everybody. come here. >> i did it, he said, like a dad to his daughter, not just the president for a moa. he's only the 16th president ever elected to two consecutive terms. we've heard a lot about second term curses that have brought down richard nixon, hampered ronald reagan, bill clinton. people forget reagan was able to get tax reform, bill clinton was able to get a balanced budget.
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certainly a big opportunity for the president but fully aware in the white house, a lot of challenges ahead as well, jenna. >> certainly not challenges for a father. nice to see the first family, ed, and how much the girls have grown up over the last four years. what we're looking at for the president tomorrow besides the hair styles and what everybody is wearing at the inauguration is what is he going to say? what will be the address to the nation tomorrow? you mentioned some policy challenges ahead. what are you hearing about tomorrow's address and how that might set the table, if you will, for the years to come? >> true. what i'm hearing is the state of the union address next month is really where the president will go with a deeper dive on policy, whether it be gun control, immigration reform, the debt ceiling debate. tomorrow's broad scene. his senior advisor will talk about bringing the country together. republicans are saying the early signals they've seen from the president at the start of the second term suggest pretty much more of the same. take a listen. >> he's going to talk about our political system doesn't require us to resolve all our disputes
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our political differences but it does require us to seek common ground. he will make that point very strongly, that people here in washington need to seek common ground. >> i was surprised this week to see him transition his campaign committee into an ongoing campaign style effort to have an impact on the washington debate because it doesn't seem to me that the lessons of the first term would be that that worked out very well. >> now, interesting. the vice-president, joe biden, was sworn in several hours before the president over at his official residence. we're told that's because he was sworn in by justice sonia sotomayor. she needed to get to a book signing for her memoir in new york city. she had to catch a train. right beforinstead of doing it n residence, he did it just after 8 a.m. eastern time. justice so toe towe were told ty
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was wearing reed krakoff. i don't know anything about that. real quick here, ed. i read interesting trivia were. george washington during his second inaugural address spoke for just a short time. the shortest ever, 135 words, and that's it. do you think we'll be around that tomorrow or what do you think? >> reporter: the president's critics probably hope it will be that short. what i've been told by administration officials, probably mor more in the range 5 to 20 minutes which is shorter than some of his other speeches, by the way, back dooring the campaign. they realize it's an important tomorrow, not going to be as short as george washington, of course, but they want to keep it relatively brief. about 15 or 20 minutes. they want to set the table. thethey want to have big themes about coming together. they want the public to stay engaged on some of these policy fights. they'll leave the details to that state of the union address
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next month. >> interesting for us. we'll count the words. watch the fashion. i mean, here's a guy with the handkerchief in your pocket. >> you're the fashion plate. i can't keep up. >> ed, thank you very much. big day today and tomorrow. we look forward to your reports. >> reporter: good to see you. well, the vips are arriving in town for the festivities tomorrow. former presidents, governors, members of congress all on hand and organizers have the job of trying to keep things on a very tight schedule. john roberts continues our coverage live from the capitol building. so it was an historic year, 2009. what's this inauguration going to be like, john? >> reporter: well, you know, john, the second time around for a president is never the same as the first. jenna alluded to the second inaugural washington address, how short it was. he basically said hey, if i screw up, i'm probably going to hear about it. difficult to recapture the moment in 2009, such a watershed moment in history.
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this will be more down to earth. no official estimates for security reasons of the number of people who will attend, but it's expected to be far less than it was in 2009, between 6 and 800,000 compared to 1.8 million. this, of course, all takes place in an atmosphere that people have scried as toxic partnership. the inaugural chairman, senator charles schumer, thinks things will get better. he's adopted as the theme faith in america's future. here's what he said about that. >> still large partisan differences and not just in congress. the american people are more partisan than they used to be, more people at either extreme, but i think that politicians know how people feel and know where the votes are, and the people are saying get together. >> of course, that all said, there are many other people who believe that come tuesday, it's going to be back to the same old, same old when it comes to fighting and bickering here on capitol hill. >> that seems like an easy
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prediction to make. now, after the ceremony they all go inside for a ceremonial luncheon. what's that going to be like? >> you can imagine this. at the same table will be inside the hall in the capitol the president, speaker john boehner, majority leader harry reid and a few others. you can imagine what the atmosphere will be like given a lot of words that have flown back and work, particularly between speaker boehner and majority leader reed. for a little more insight on all this, i contacted andy card, president george bush's first white house chief of staff. he was here the day of the inauguration back in 2001 and told me he expects there may be a bit of a similar atmosphere to that of 12 years ago. here's what he told me. >> i suspect it will probably be a lot like the atmosphere that george w. bush experienced in his first term of office. it was a little bit chilly and cold, but at the same time, you can't help but be wrapped up in the excitement of an
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inauguration. >> andy card also told me he was one of those republicans, although he didn't support president obama, he was very excited for historic reasons about his inauguration back in 2009. i have spoken to a number of republicans over the past few days about the excitement of the inauguration. they all said they will be very respectful and that it is a great celebration of american democracy, tomorrow, noon, here outside the west front of the capital. >> it is an amazing thing we do in this country. john roberts, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. now to other news breaking, in fact. five al-qaeda linked militants have reportedly been captured alive at the scene of that bloody hostage standoff at a gas plant in algeria. hundreds of hostages were rescued, but at least 23 workers we're told at the complex were killed including one american. now, more bodies have just been found, the government warns there are more credible threats of kidnapping attempts. they had a lot of this
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information is fluid. conor powell joins us live. >> reporter: hundreds of hostages have been freed, but according to a algerian officia, they've spent the day sifting through the debris and bodies of those not as fortunate. according to a private private television station in algeria. the authorities at the gas plant found dozens of bodies, last count 25 that have been identified and found in that facility, but making it difficult to actually identify who they are is from the problem that they're so badly damaged, they can't tell if they were hostages or members of the islam i can militant terrorists that overtook and attacked that building. also making things difficult, there are reports of booby traps and mines and bombs all over the facility, so identifying and rescuing and pulling these bodies out so they can be shipped back to their home countries is going very, very slow because of awful these sort
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of other problems. now, algeria's government said in total, 32 islamic militants were killed. they're now also saying five have been captured, so it's not exactly clear how many militants there were to start with, how many may have escaped. just a lot of guessing is coming from the algerian government. one of the frustrations that western governments have is the algerian government hasn't been forthcoming with information. it's unclear if they don't know what's happening or don't know information or if they simply aren't telling western governments. a lost frustration on the part of the united states and britain and france because they weren't notified that algerian special forces were going to raise this compound. there are a lot of questions still remaining, jenna, about what happened and exactly what is happening going forward, but the united states has pledged to continue to work with the algerian government and so has david cameron of great britain. a lost questions remain going forward about what exactly did happen, jenna.
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>> certainly more to the store, and when we get it, we'll share it with viewers. we're getting new information right now about the string of problems that forced airlines around the world to ground boeing's brand new dream liner jets. the national transition safety board is ruling out excess voltage in battery fire on board a 787 in boston earlier this month. you might have seen that on happening now. peter doocy is live in washington with an update for us. peter? >> reporter: john, to figure out why these lithium ion batteries were leaking electri leaking el, the ntsb brought the ballotries to their lab to disassemble them. some have been speculating excess voltage could have started the fire but the ntsb told us today, but examination of the flight recorder from the jalb 787 airplane indicate the batteries did not exceed the designed voltage of 32 volts.
10:14 am
these are the charred remains of the battery that started the fire in boston two weeks ago and caused smoke damage to a flight. it's interesting. this 787 dream liner program was actually launched back in 2004 with an order from the airline, but their dream liners and everyone else's dreamliners have been grounded by governments around the globe. experts are saying the only way to get these planes air worthy again is to fix the faulty batteries. >> they can't switch out to other kinds of batteries. that would really add too much weight and they wouldn't be able to produce the amount of power necessary to drive this aircraft. >> reporter: now, boeing refused earlier this week to speculate about what the issue is with the batteries, but they made clear that despite the problems, they think the 787 is safe and they stand behind its overall integrity. john? >> let's hope they get it fixed. peter doocy, thank you. well, president obama may be
10:15 am
turning his attention east during a second term. we've heard that before, the pivot eastward, if you will, when it comes to foreign policy. the pentagon is sounding the alarm over north korea's movement of some powerful missile launchers. what does this mean for stability in the renal as we look ahead? why some believe this may be a precursor to war. also, the president as we just reported to you is officially sworn in for a second term in office. the big celebration is tomorrow. ahead, we'll look at inaugurations throughout our history. we'll be back with more happening now. ♪ [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums
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>> as president obama is sworn in for a second term, we take a look back at the ritual, the a ceremony, if you will, dating back to 1789. joining us now, jennifer donahue, a public policy fellow
10:19 am
at the eisenhower institute at gettysburg college. a quick question about the ceremony over the last few hours and looking ahead to tomorrow. why did the president do the swearing in today before noon and will do it all over again in front of everybody on monday? >> well, jenna, of course the constitution says that the president has to be sworn in by the chief justice by january 20th at noon, and so that's just past, so justice john roberts did swear him in in the blue room, the small, not very ceremonial room of the white house, and then tomorrow's the party. tomorrow's the party about democracy. it's a patriotic celebration. it's a peaceful transition. it is at the core of their democracy. it's really what this country is about. >> we've heard it talked about over the last several days. how rare is that in today's world to have such a peaceful transfer of power?
10:20 am
>> i think really if you look at it, it's what makes america unique. it is what makes the united states the icon of the world and the way we exercise our democracy, and that's what the inaugural really is. it's a peaceful transition of power this time from obama to obama, but what it shows is that it's the president taking the oath of office to lead an entire nation, to heal some of the divisions of the election, to bring the country together and lead into a second term. from the ceremonial aspect, the pomp and circumstance is much, much different than four years ago when you had hope, change, 1.8 million people on the mall. the first african-american president ever elected. >> the crowd very different. >> the biggest crowd ever in washington ever on the mall including mlk's speech i have a dream. this is a moment we're watching, but that was a transitional moment in american history. >> tell us about as someone who
10:21 am
watches these inaugurations, takes a look at history overall, what will you be watching for tomorrow in both the ceremony and the address that the president is going to give? >> well, jenna, i'll be looking for what his maybe four policy priorities that hee before he becomes a lame duck. we're two years out from 2014, only four years from 2016. really, he's got a hundred days, really maybe a year to create his legacy. we're hearing the economy, taxes, gun control, immigration, energy policy. i look for him to hit on those themes, and i look for a theme of unit. i'll look to see if he can bring boehner and the republicans over or if he's going to try to exercise in a second term as a campaign style president, one role he's more comfortable in, really, than governing. >> just briefly here because we mentioned history and we started off the show talking about president george washington's second address which was only 135 words, shortest in history. when you look over history, what do you look to as a very
10:22 am
significant inauguration, a point of comparison, if you will, to others? >> sure. well, this one feels to me like bush's, g.w. bushes 2004 election. i look to others as more inspirational. i look at the highenned security during lincoln's reelection where he referenced god 14 times, trying to bring the country together during a civil war that was dividing our nation. i look at the depression and fdr, trying to tell people that fear is the thing to fear and that to come together and address the economy and go forward together. you look for words of inspiration, you look for a leader who can bring a country together and heal divisions, and that's what i'll look for, too, is what kind of tone, what kind of leader is a second term president obama going to be. >> we'll be watching along with you, jennifer. great to have your perspective. appreciate it very much. >> thank you. looking ahead to the next four years with president obama in the white house, why some experts are already predicting serious second term challenges.
10:23 am
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once the celebration is over, president obama will officially plunge into a second term mostly dominated by economic concerns. budget experts already predict some serious challenges that include spending caps signed into law in 2011 that could make the next four years extremely difficult from a governing standpoint. let's talk about it with chris wilson, a republican consultant, former executive director of the texas republican party and the president of new heights
10:27 am
communications. kristi, to you first. candidate obama in 2008 promised to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term. that hasn't happened. how about by the end of his second? >> well, john, i think what's important to remember is that as president obama is starting his second term, he's doing so in a remarkably strong position with high approval ratings and a great record in his first term. when he started, as we all know, the economy was in the ditch. he was able to successfully get us out of that at the point where last week the u.s. stocks closed at their highest level in five years and was able to pass historic health care legislation. by contrast, republicans have their ratings in the toilet. what that means is that there's probably -- it's going to bode well for their ability to compromise with him and for the president to get a second term agenda passed. >> chris, i suppose you see it somewhat differently. >> she addressed political positioning and i think that's what the second term will be about, political positioning rather than solving problems.
10:28 am
i don't know that many middle class americans and those who lose their jobs and taxes going up would agree the economy is back on track. the obama first term was what you expect from a first term, one big policy battle and another battle to make sure he achieved a second term. what we saw since the 2010 elections when the democrats took a beating has crated the current environment. the president is strong. going forward in the second term, does he try and reduce the deficit? does he try and fix long term problems with social security and medicare or does it make it about scoring political points on things like taxes on the super rich or gun control issues that don't matter to your average american. if you listen to his rhetoric, i'm not optimistic about the second term. >> is he on a roll or is he stalled as he begins the second term? >> well, i would disagree strongly with chris and say these are scoring political points and not things that resonate with the average american. if they did not resonate, he would not have won a second
10:29 am
term. all these issues including raising taxes on the rich are supported by strong majorities of americans. one issue that he'll taken on not on the radar screen three months ago or certainly a year ago is obviously the issue of reducing gun violence. this is supported by vast majorities of americans, simple common sense laws like renewing the assault weapons ban, closing the gun show loop hole. this is something where if congress stalls, it's going to make them look bad and not the president. the president will still look good. >> chris, huge majorities of americans also support the idea of reducing our deficit and getting our spending under control. >> well, they do. there's other things americans don't support. they don't support eating lots of vegetables for eating every meal or getting a flu shot. things have to be taken care of. reducing the deficit is one of them. solving problems with social security and medicare are others. what does obama focus on, the things she just pointed out which had t to do with scoring political points and things that are popular or does he go into and deal with issues that actually matter to our future.
10:30 am
everything i'm hearing from kristi and the obama administration right now leads to scoring more little points. i think it really speaks fully to what we can expect to the next four years. it causes concerns about the problems for the next president. >> he doesn't have to run for reelection, why not go for something big? >> he already has. i think that most historians would agree that his legacy on health care reform, something that is alluded many -- eluded many past presidents will be his legacy. it's not as glamorous, getting us out of the bush recession, something else he accomplished. he's looking to create big change in the second term. i'll give you another example, immigration reform, something where there are signs of hope. we saw this week john mccain, lindsey graham said they would be willing to work with senate democrats and the president to get something done. there's another area that he could possibly succeed where many before him have not. >> how about getting a budget out of the senate, chris? how about that for a start?
10:31 am
>> how about introducing a budget, first of all. >> that's what i mean. >> there hasn't been one introduced in ten years. look at the amount of debt run up under this president and it's staggering. if that isn't dealt with, all these other small issues, and i'm sorry to talk about gun control. they're not as big as the deficit. nothing affects us as much as the financial situation this country is under right now. >> all right. >> tell that to everyone who is getting laid off. >> we're going to have to leave it there. chris wilson, kristi setzer, thank you both. >> thank you, john. as we look ahead to the next four years, there could be big changes coming to the supreme court. we'll take a look at what the president's second term could mean for the makeup of the highest court in all the land. north korean missiles on the move. why the nation's latest actions are triggering some serious concerns for not only our country but our allies as well. we'll take a closer look at this ... next. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious
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washington bracing for some big crowds at tomorrow's inauguration ceremony. there's word cold weather is heading for the nation's capitol. what can we expect for tomorrow's big celebration. chief meteorologist rick reich miewt is with us for the latest. >> you don't like that face, do you? >> so there's really cold air in place across the northern plains, the coldest air we've seen in around the last three to four years.
10:36 am
good news is, it's not going to make its way towards dc by tomorrow. we're going to be looking at around 40 degrees midday. that's great news i. in the afternoon, a chance for a shower. in the late afternoon it will turn into a chance of some snow. there's a big storm moving in, but we're just going to skate i think by here for the inauguration. today, 52 in dc for the crowds there. tomorrow, 43, and then take a look once we he get to tuesday. the bottom drops out. 21 degrees. take a look at all these numbers across the areas of the northeast and the great lakes. get ready. jenna, if your refrigerator is not full, do that as soon as you get off work today. you won't want to do it tomorrow. >> that's weather news you can use. when you get to the grocery store before the weather gets bad. excellent news, rick. thank you so much. >> you bet. big changes could lie ahead for the supreme court in president obama's second term. what might we expect if he is called on to nominate new
10:37 am
justices in the next four years? let's talk about it with shall bshannonbream. she's live in washington. any sign any of the current justices might be thinking about leaving the bench? >> reporter: we always say it's one of the best-kept secrets in washington. here's what we do know. four of the justices are well into their 70s with ruth bader ginsburgh set to turn 80 in month, none of them giving any public hints about stepping down from the bench. we usually expect retirement announcements at the end of the court's term in june. speculation will ramp up just as it does every year. the court watchers are wondering what the president will do with his next pick if he gets one in the next four years. >> if he's fighting hard for gun control, for immigration reform, for whatever else is on his agenda, he may say i don't want to spend my political capital trying to push through a liberal nominee through the court. it's better spent elsewhere. i can nominate someone who is
10:38 am
well guarded along both sides of the aisles. >> reporter: any of his nominees will have to make it through the senate in order to get through the high court. >> what about senate republicans? any signs they would push back? >> reporter: both of the president's first two picks got tough questioning during the confirmation process but were ultimately approved with bi-partisan votes in the senate. many republicans say hey, elections have consequences. they will defer to the president unless his pick is considered way outside the mainstream of legal thoughts. >> it should be an extraordinary step to filibuster a supreme court nominee, really a nominee to any court, and whether there are 40 votes to do that for a more progressive nominee i think remains to be seen. >> reporter: supreme court picks are, of course, one of the most parts of enenduring presidential legacy, sure to endure for decades after a president leaves office. >> it will be interesting to watch the next four years and
10:39 am
see what happens, won't it? >> reporter: we're on it. >> shannon, thank you. a startling report in the "new york times" about north korea and mobile missile launchers that the country is suddenly moving around, some carrying a new generation of powerful rockets. officials say they may not be ready for some time. this discovery really has washington on high alert. a columnest at joins us and he's the author of nuclear show down. welace this in context of the president on the verge of his neck term. we've heard this president say he wants to pivot east when it comes to foreign policy. place this, if you will, amongst the priorities in the president's second term. >> this has gotta be at the top of the list because within three years, maybe two, the north koreans will be able to launch a three-stage missile and put a nuclear war head in any american city or any spot on earth, for that matter. you know, this administration and the one before it has done very little to stop the north koreans, so this is a useful
10:40 am
reminder of really the consequences of not acting in asia. >> what do they want to do? >> the north koreans? >> yes. >> no one things they're going to launch a war any time soon, but the problem is right now they do need a lot from the international community. they need food aid. they need diplomatic support, and basically they want china to back them. right now there's a security council resolution being considered about their last missile launch in december, and you know, china wants to stall it, so this is what's going on in new york right now. >> what is china's role in all of this, if any? >> well, first of all, those mobile missile launchers were sold to the north koreans by china. the missiles may have come from china as well. mobile missiles really raise the stakes. they make it very hard to find in a war fighting scenario. so this really is a problem for us. >> you know, i was looking at a quote from the defense secretary, leon panetta. he uses more colorful language than i normally use on the show, so i hope our viewers forgive me, but i'd like to quote him.
10:41 am
word choice is important here. he said this. who the hell knows what they're going to do from day to day he's talking about north korea. right now you know north korea just fired a missile. it's an intercontinental ballistic missile, and that means they have the capability to strike the united states. interesting if we could zero in on one part of that statement. who knows what they're going to do from day to day? it sounds like a reckless statement by the defense secretary, but a reckless assessment of a potential enemy. >> north korea is not a status quo power. it has used violence in the past to upset status quos that it found to be unacceptable. this kept the peace in the second half of the cold war. we had nuclear weapons. the soviets did. we didn't use them. the north koreans and possibly the iranians may not be status quo power. >> it's interesting you mention eyiran. when you talk about nuclear power, we know that north korea has the capability. the question mark about iran and when and where and how.
10:42 am
what should our appropriate response be? you mention heed this administration and past visibility been strong enough. what do we need to do different? >> we need tough financial sanctions, the ones the bush administration put in place in 2005. unfortunate we lifted them prematurely. we've got to stop relying op china. we as americans have to remember that we can change the situation, and right now, you know, we're looking to the chinese and the russians who are the best friends of the iranians and the north koreans. this doesn't make sense. >> so a renewed sense of leadership and strong american leadership? >> in the past the united states has changed the world for good. we can do that today. we've got to remember that. >> gordon, great to have you as always. we look forward to having you in the next four years of the president's term as well. john, over to you. hundreds of thousands, jenna, expected to turn out for the inauguration tomorrow, maybe not as big a party as we saw four years ago. how do you keep the president safe with so much happening all at once? we will get the inside scoop from a former director of the
10:43 am
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10:46 am
just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. some inauguration trivia, if you will. what difference a year makes. the white house releasing the president's official second term photo. both were taken by the white house photographer. the president looking a little grayer in this latest picture but just, you know, personally weighing in here, john. >> looks happy. >> gray for a man is not that bad of a thing. for a woman it can be different. the president looking harry potter. made us think about where were we, john, four years ago? in fact, we have a picture of john scott four years ago and john scott now. >> oh, no. >> we can show that. i think our viewers will be amazed. look. you haven't aged a bit, john. you look exactly the same. >> oh, it's the golf ball tie that my daughter gave me on father's day.
10:47 am
>> another important man in our life. we decided to also -- my picture in full disclosure four years ago. the hair a little bit different than now, but dawshes. >> i like it. >> i like the updated version. i'm sure throughout my career i'll have hav a variety of difft hair pictures for our viewers. there's four years ago, and as you mentioned, the president looking very happy. >> he does look happy. >> in the second term. a little grayer but happy. >> beaming, you might say. >> beaming. final security preparations are underway for tomorrow's inauguration ceremonies. protecting the president, the dignitaries and hundreds of thousands of spectators is the top priority. for the six agencies overseeing security, part of the job is balancing the need for everyone to enjoy the day. let's talk about it with a former secret service director who oversaw the first inauguration following the 9/11 attacks. that had to be a tremendous responsibility. we'll get to that in a second.
10:48 am
as you look at what the secret service is doing for tomorrow, how do they pull it off? it's a celebration, it's a national party, but it has serious overtones. >> that's absolutely correct, john. remember, this is not just about protection of the president and the participants. it's really about the protection of the democratic process and it's taken very seriously by those agencies, the secret service having the lead for security, and making sure that this is a safe and secure event for all participants. the president, the people that are out there to enjoy these ceremonies, so all of that is taken into consideration when the planning, preparation, and training is being conducted. >> i know you guys are professionals, but i just have to ask. are you sweating bullets through the whole day? i mean, it's got to be awfully nerve wracking to make sure that everything goes off without a
10:49 am
hitch. >> well, it certainly is a challenge. it's certainly a challenge for all of the participants. secret service agents, military, and i suppose the best way to answer that, john, is there's a tremendous amount of planning, preparation, making sure we execute the plan properly, so you're very busy that day. you're very involved in those events, so you don't have a lot of time for worrying and fretting over it. if you're not ready that day, you're not going to be ready, and i assure you, the men and women that are going to be out there tomorrow providing that security, they're ready for it. >> this year i read the secret service has put in an order for five tons of those bullet proof glass panels. it's just logistically a monstrous undertaking. four years ago the agency sent something like 4.3 million people through those airport style metal detectors? >> that is correct.
10:50 am
and i believe, i'm not sure that that figure that you just quoted in terms of bullet proof glass is accurate. i know in 2009 that was the case. i'm not sure exactly what it is for this particular inaugust ration, but yes, if you can imagine the logistics of moving that number of people into that area and making sure that the security is there for all the participants is a massive undertaking, but again, thousands of people are engaged in this process and the secret service has recognized that it's impossible for us to do this job alone, and we have to rely upon our partners in law enforcement, the military and others in order to be able to do that, but they will be prepared to do that, and i can assure you that this will be another safe and secure inaugural event. >> and i know the secret service has a website that people can check if they're planning to attend the festivities tomorrow.
10:51 am
they can check the website for a list of prohibited items and the easiest ways in and out. >> and thank you for mentioning that. that is important. the more informed the participants are that are going to be coming here, the less delays that are going to happen at those checkpoints, so the more information they have, the smoother this event's going to go, and the more enjoyable it's going to be for everyone. >> w. ralph basham is a former agent and director of the secret service. good to have you. >> thanks, john. with all the reporting we've done on the flu, one state in the country avoided it. a bad outbreak and that had been in california. apparently that's no longer the case. the flu has hit the golden state and hit it hard. we'll talk about that plus why it's so bad this year, this flu in particular, for america's seniors. that's next.
10:52 am
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
welcome back, everyone. the nation's flu epidemic is spreading and the cdc is reporting the number of states dealing with widespread cases of the flu is 48. look at that map. you only see tennessee there. that's in the yellow. california which avoided the worst cases until now has now been added to this list, and this year's flu season could last another six weeks, they say. maybe even longer. let's ask dr. siegel. how much longer will we deal with the flu? >> several weeks. we'll see this into february. that map shows widespread activity except for into tennessee, high activity which even worse than that is in 30 states. we're in the heart of the flu season now. it's probably the peak. we won't know that until it's over, but it's probably the peak. we'll see it through the end of january and into february. we're seeing actually a fairly typical flu season in terms of the elderly being the worst hit. 90% of deaths are usually elderly in a flu season. this year half of those getting sick are elderly.
10:56 am
that worries me because the elderly don' don't have the ress and the immune system. when you get the flu and you're elderly, you have a high risk of pneumonia and other infections that can kill you. >> you talked about the vaccine recommended to elderly. i'm curious how far away are we from a universal flu vaccine like the my sells vaccine that -- my sell mys m measles vaccinn we were young? >> we're going away from chicken egg vaccines. over the next years we're going to be use cells from mammals. one got approved this year from dog kidneys, if i you can beliee that. >> that sounds algorithm strange. >> better than using chec chickn eggs. we have another that uses inseblght and genetic material. this is the way we usually make vaccines and this is exciting. down the road we'll have a
10:57 am
vaccine that targets a protein that all flu has, and you'll be able to take it once every ten years and it will provide coverage for all strains. that's on the drawing board. the problem is money. we need more and more money to go into the research to get this done. >> real quick, i've got to run. are we ten years away from in a? >> i'd say five to ten years away. >> really? >> if we can get the research going, we have the technology. five to ten years. >> great to see you working on sunday . i know you always do. nice to have you with us. >> this is an important topic. great to see you. >> we could live in a world where there's no flu. >> that would be nice. >> remarkable. >> just like polio and some of those other diseases. be nice to get rid of it. the finishing touches on 's inauguration event going on now. what can we expect from the ceremony and president obama's address tomorrow? a live report coming up next. also, new information out of algeria where security officials say they found dozens of bodies following a hostage standoff at a bp plant in the sahara desert, but they say they still don't
10:58 am
know how many of them are hostages and how many might be would-be kidnappers. the latest coming up, happening now. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores.
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to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? brand new stories and breaking news this hour. the president kicking off his second term. after a quick couple of days, basking a little bit in the lime light of the inauguration, he's back to work with congressional republicans. can both sides find common ground, or will partisan politics rule the day, or at least the next four years? we're going to talk about that. we're also getting new information on the americans involved in the deadly hostage crisis in algeria. a live report and k.t. mcfarland on al-qaeda's growing strength in north africa is a threat to us here at home. we'll talk about that. lots of perqs when you're the president. here's one you might not know about. a spider named in your honor. a lizard, too. the creepy-crawly story and breaking news all happening now.
11:02 am
well, the president starting his second term today sworn in by chief justice john roberts in a private ceremony in the white house blue room today. we got to see that private ceremony, but short and sweet it was. now, all washington is getting ready for tomorrow's public sairm. we welcome you to a brand new hour of napping now at 2:00 on aasunday. i'm jenna lee. >> do not adjust your sets. it's an unusual day for us. most of the preparations for tomorrow's events are well underway. all that's left, the finishing touches as washington gets ready to welcome hundreds of thousands of guests, many of them already in town for the inaugural program tomorrow. as you can imagine, security will be tight. flight restrictions in place in the skies over washington with extra security on the city's water ways. many items are banned along the parade route including backpacks, large signs, glass containers, and oh, yeah, weapons. no weapons.
11:03 am
in addition to secret service and fbi personnel providing security, the national guard will deploy 8,000 soldiers and airmen to help with traffic control, manage the crowds, and provide medical aid. let's go to washington. carl cameron is there live on the national mall with a preview for us. carl? >> reporter: hi, jon. there's something in the neighborhood of 40 law enforcement agencies across washington, dc when you consider the local police, the capitol police, the various different federal agencies and they're all very much engaged in all of this. it's a somewhat subdued inauguration, second inaugurals usually are for presidents lucky enough to get two terms. in this particular case, it's by design. in some sense, it's in deference to the economy and the many challenges the nation faces. if you compare this to the one four years ago, there are obvious metrics that show the distinction. four years ago there were nearly two million people that turned out, 1.8 million, to be precise. there's a very big deal about
11:04 am
crowd counts on the mall for events such as this. organizers are estimating that this time around it could be as few as 600 to 800,000. now, they recognize that the expectations game almost compels folks to underestimate initially, so as to exceed what expectations become. in the past, you can also look at how the money plays out. four years ago the obama administration easily raised $53 million just from private individuals with the donations actually capped at $50,000. this time around, recognizing the likelihood that the enthusiasm has wayned somewhat, they lifted that $50,000 cap and withdrew the prohibition that required only private citizens to donate. now they're taking corporate money. they expect at best it will be in the neighborhood of 40 to 50 million. more money raised from more sources without a cap and less than the last time around. there were ten balls four years ago after the day of soarmal inauguration. tomorrow and this time around there will only be two, although it should be said that the
11:05 am
venues house about 20,000 people each, so big crowds are expected, jon. >> also a holiday tomorrow. that would boost the attendance, one would think. >> reporter: well, it's the martin luther king jr. holiday, and that will be part of the theme. in fact, one of the soarmal cerl bible the president will be sworn with is the bible that reverend king carried daily. he will also use the lincoln bible obviously from the 16th president. there will be a lot of civil rights intonation as a consequence of all of it. tomorrow's ceremonial swearing in is almost standard over the seven times in history on the 20th of january happened to fall on a sunday. they simple hey do a replacement ceremonial swearing in for the public on the mall, having already sworn in the president. his second term is underway now. both he and the vice-president were sworn in earlier today, jon. >> everybody will hear what the president has to say. they have plenty of loud speakers.
11:06 am
>> reporter: everybody is doing their sound checks. >> carl cameron, good job talking over it. >> kudos to carl. not easy to do at all. >> when somebody is yelling in your ear like that. >> forget about it. the president's second term is now officially underway. his inaugural address is coming tomorrow after he's sworn in for a second time during the big public ceremony we were just talking about. one of the top advisors said the president will shine a spotlight on the deep political divide we talked so much about which makes compromise very difficult in washington, dc. >> he's going to talk about tomorrow how our founding values and vision can still provide us, i think, a guiding pathway in a changing world. he's going to talk about our political system doesn't require us to resolve all ou our disput, our political difference, but it does require us to seek common ground when it can and should exist. he's going to make that point very strongly that people here in washington need to seek common ground. he's going to talk about how the american people, if they're not engaged in these debates and
11:07 am
pushing washington, progress and change won't happen. >> we're live on capitol hill with all of this. mike, carl said the mood in some cases seemed subdued. what's the mood on capito capit? are they ready to go for the second term? >> reporter: well, jenna, the mood seems to be upbeat here on capitol hill. people in good spirits, certainly does not hurt that we seem to be having perfect january weather for washington, dc ahead of this very american celebration. great attention to detail ahead of the festivities. that's why they've done these walk-throughs. that way the vip, staff members, security, and also the television networks are prepared for the real moments of the celebration tomorrow. the agency responsible for the buildings and grounds offered these stats for what is a huge undertaking. they set up nearly 30,000 chairs on capitol grounds. they had to lay more than 23 miles of cabling. they had to install approximately four miles of snow fencing.
11:08 am
they also do the sound system, and they say that they begin their planning ahead of the inaugural more than a year in advance, and so all indications are they are just about ready, jenna. >> definitely quite a production. that's for sure, mike. tell us a little bit more about this moment in history. >> reporter: well, these are the 57th inaugural ceremonies and so we heard from president obama, and he tried to offer a bit of context about this particular moment in history. >> two figures that i admire probably more than anybody in american history are dr. king and president lincoln, so for me to have the opportunity to be sworn in using the bibles of these two men that i admire so deeply on the 150th anniversary of the emancipation proclamation, 50th anniversary of the march on washington, is i think fitting because their actions, the movements they represented, are the only reasons that it's possible for me to be inaugurated. >
11:09 am
>> reporter: as the president reflects, he said he's also reminded this country has been through tough times before and always come out strong on the other side. jenna? >> this president gets it wouldo bibles. can you bring as many bibles as you want, mike? is there a limit? >> reporter: my understanding is yeah, you can essentially bring what you want. it's your moment, your opportunity to take the oath of office in front of the entire nation, and so you can go with what you want. >> wow. if you're going to pick two bibles, those are two good ones. >> reporter: absolutely. >> very interesting, mike. thank you. >> reporter: thank you, jenna. as the president lays out his second-term agenda, his biggest obstacle will be getting legislation through the house where republicans are still in control under speaker john boehner. david drubbinger i drucker, what four years look like in terms of house of representatives white house relations, david? >> well, if it's judged by what we've seen the past couple of years and even the past couple of weeks, not that great, and it
11:10 am
will be interesting to see whether president obama and the house republican majority can come to an understanding that neither of them are going anywhere, at least until 2014, and let's see what we can try and get done, given that the accomplishments over the past preceding two years were really limited in scope and only based around trying to solve a crisis and usually all they did was delay things and push them further down the road. and i think the beginning of that is the president's inaugural address and in a couple of weeks the state of the union. that will signal where he wants things to be in terms of tone and i think how house republicans handle the upcoming fight over the debt ceiling will kind of signal exactly how much to the mat they want to go versus the president. >> david plouffe, the presidential advisor, was on "fox news sunday" talking about what he expects to hear from the president saying it's all about common ground. i want to play that for you.
11:11 am
okay. i thought we had it. apparently we do not. he said, you know, there is common ground to be found between the president and the folks on capitol hill. i just wonder if that's pie in the sky dreaming. i mean, it just seems like speaker boehner and a large percentage of the republican caucus was all -- it was elected to, you know, cut taxes, cut the deficit, or cut the deficit, at least. the president doesn't seem to be on that same page. >> yeah. look. republicans in the house and in the senate, for that matter, and the president i think so fundamentally disagree on the major issues of the day. i mean, so much so that i think common ground is very hard for them to find and will continue to be hard for them to find. the key thing to look for, john, and what people want to try to figure out, are things going to be different over the next two or four years, or do they at least start to show signs of wanting to negotiate deals where
11:12 am
both sides are allowed to win? we have not seen that, whether you want to blame the president, whether you want to blame republicans. you just haven't seen that. they don't like each other. they don't get along well. there are no relationships there whatsoever, and that's why i'm skeptical that things will be different. and again, it kind of goes to the core of what they believe. they just don't agree on anything. i'd be shocked if they agreed on what color the sky is. that's part of the problem we're dealing with here. >> so we should expect sort of four years of small ball on capitol hill, just incremental tiny steps? >> well, you know, that would be an accomplishment if they were able to achieve several incremental tiny steps on issues like immigration, on spending and the deficit, on whether or not congress can pass a budget and send it to the president, things of that nature. i wouldn't discount that as backed. i just think that they need to decide if they're going to cry
11:13 am
and create win-win deals and look inside congress where you have a democratic senate and a republican house to see if they can agree enough to give the president something to sign. you have three entities here in effect that need to try and find a way to work things out, and the question is can they. it didn't work so well the past couple of years, but often times in politics, past isn't prologue. before we make any snap judgments, i'm telling you how things appear. we've seen things change when looking at past presidents, evening congresses when you didn't think they would. >> all right. we'll keep watching it over the next four years. david drucker from roll call. thank you. >> thanks a lot, jon. while we're focusing on the inauguration at home, egyptian protesters are battling police. they're accused of killing demonstrators during the uprising in 2011. of course, the arab spring, one of the big events of the president's first term. we'll talk about what the judge did that apparently set protesters off.
11:14 am
we'll tell you that story ahead. plus, the faa grounding all of boeing's 787 dreamliners after battery problems on two flights. what an examination of the flight recorders revealed straight ahead. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg and more interior room than corolla and civic and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? yeah, that woulde cool. introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $169 per month lease on a new nissan sentra, plus $500 holiday bonus cash. ♪ gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone but her likes 50% more cash,
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11:17 am
right now we want to take you to egypt where there is new violence erupting. protesters and riot police are fighting outside a courthouse in the city of alexandrea where protesters are on trial tor killing protesters during the uprising in 2011. security forces holding back crowds with a ton of tear gas. the violence breaking out after the judge resigned from the case without giving a reason. some 900 protesters died in that revolt that eventually led to the overthrow of president mubarak. 300 of those protesters were killed in alex andrea.
11:18 am
two serious battery problems caused the faa to ground boeing's new 787 dreamliner. some critics say the agency did not act fast enough to respond to those issues. peter doocy is looking at it live from washington. so have investigators, peter, been able to figure out why these batteries were catching fire? >> reporter: no, jon. the ntsb is still working on that at their materials lab in d.c. where they disassembled the lithion ion battery that caused the fire in boston two weeks ago. so far we've only received three updates on their investigation and it sounds like they're using the process of elimination to find out what's wrong because the latest thing they've crossed off their list of possible problems is excess voltage. in a statement today, the ntsb says, and this is a quote, examination of the flight recorder data from the jalb 787 airplane indicates that the apu battery did not exceed its designed voltage of 32 volts and boeing said they are not going
11:19 am
to speculate about what's wrong with their batteries until the faa finishes its investigation. jon, you see the batteries there. >> yeah. so how much longer will the airplanes stay grounded? >> reporter: there's no time table for that right now officially, but governments around the world told airlines using these enormous aircraft, these enormous 787s to keep them grounded to make sure these batteries don't cause any more smoke damage or worse and if you're wondering why they don't just swap these batteries out for some new ones that actually work, experts are saying that would not fly. >> any can't switch out to other kinds of batteries. that would really add too much weight and they wouldn't be able to produce the amount of power necessary to drive this aircraft. >> reporter: boeing says they are still confident in the overall integrity of the 787. jon? >> peter doocy in washington. thank you, peter. still to come, new details emerging on the state of americans in that a algerian
11:20 am
hostage. we've getting new audio tape during the standoff. plus, it's a big day in this country. not only for politics but for football. gotta put football in there, right, jon? it's sunday. we're also going to talk about the tickets to the super bowl at stake because of these games, and how will the weather hold up? how much of a factor will it be for some of these big games? we'll have the forecast for the games and tomorrow's inauguration statio straight ah. 0 schwab bank was built with all e value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 investors want. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 like no atm fees, worldwide. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and no nuisance fees. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 plus deposit ches with mobile deposit. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and manage your cash and investments tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 with schwab's mobile app. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 no wonder schwab bank has grown to over 70 billion in assets. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 so if you're looking for a bank that's in your corner, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 not just on the corner... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 call, click or visit to start banking with schwab bank today. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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11:23 am
a fox news alert and breaking details on the hostage crisis in algeria. there were reports that there were as many as eight americans among the hodges, at least one died and seven escaped. there's also growing concern over the fate of two others who might be missing. we're also getting brand new
11:24 am
tape recordings of one of the militant leaders talking to a member of algeria's special forces. >> those audio tapes were broadcast on an algerian tv station. it's not clear when during the four-day standoff they were taken. however, in one of the tapes the militants threatened to blow up the entire gas refinery complex. meanwhile, there are reports that five militants might have been captured alive. conor powell is live from our mid east bureau with the very latest on that very strange story. conor? >> reporter: well, jon, hundreds of those hostages are now free but several dozen were killed in the attack in the subsequent raid on that bp gas facility. now, according to algerian officials, they say they've been sifting through the debris at the site, and they have found dozens of bodies, many reportedly so badly damaged, it's impossible to tell if they were hostages or members of the
11:25 am
islamic militant group that attacked that bp facility. now, making matters worse as they try to piece together the details, security officials in algeria say there are mines and booby traps all over that bp gas plant. now, identifying the bodies is reportedly going very slow because of both of these factors. as of now, we believe that there were 23 foreign hostages killed, although algerians are saying that number is likely to increase. now, the algerian government initially said all 32 of the militants that attacked this facility, they were killed. in the last few hours, they're saying that five of those militants have been captured. this is sort of the overall problem that we've had coming out of algeria. the information has been very confusing. it has been inconsistent. this is the same for both journalists and also for the western governments that had citizens at this facility in algeria. there are a lot of questions about why the algerians launched the raid. they didn't tell anybody before they launched the raid and extra
11:26 am
exactly has -- what exactly has happened since the raid was completed. now, the violence there has stopped, but still a lot of questions, jon, going forward. ia few hours ago the algerian government said they will not allow foreign governments or foreign forces to secure their oil fields. they still want to remain in control of everything there. that's not really helping anything on the ground in algeria, jon. >> conor powell, live in the mid east bureau. thank you. we'll bring in kt mcfarland for more on this. let's pick up on what was just reported to us about the algerian government and the response to them during this hostage crisis being in his word, confusing and inconsistent. what's the right response from america? >> well, think of the algerian government and why they've done what they've done. in the 1990s they fought a brutal civil war against these very same people who took hodges, the islam ic group, al-qaeda and the various offshoots. the algerian government wanted
11:27 am
to do the hostage takedown on its own. they cared less about preserving life and saving hostages as crushing this movement so it doesn't get a foot hold and do what they did in the 1990s. >> when you take this situation and it's different than what happened in benghazi. >> absolutely. >> you can see libya not far away from this big area where these terrorists are operating now in northern africa. if there are bad guys on the ground there and the bad guys have our people, why do we ask for permission to go in and help our own people? >> well, you know, that's a really good question, and we ought to figure it out now, because this is not going to be the last time this happens. we will find throughout north africa, i think going from north africa to the middle east to the rainan peninsula, potentially all the way to afghanistan we'll see an increase in hostage taking, attacks against americans. >> why? >> we're going to leave the region, and we're also leaving behind in practical terms an awful lot of civilians who are
11:28 am
there teaching school, who are working there, working in hospitals. those people will be really wide open and unprotected. i think the third reason that people are going to go after americans is we never went after the people who did the killings in benghazi. >> i want to pick up off of that point and bring in what one of the president's key advisors told chris wallace today on "fox news sunday" when asked about, you know, where do we stand, if you will, on the war in terror and the war against our enemies. let's take a listen to this. >> okay. >> i think this is a reminder that countries around the world share a joint threat from these troft organizations. that's why we're so active about providing expertise and information and technology to help them destroy these networks where they exist, and it's a reminder obviously northern africa and other parts of the world, al-qaeda and al-qaeda-affiliated groups remain a real threat. >> a joint effort if you will. kt? >> look. it was the united states that helped topple all of these dictators and really opened pan
11:29 am
pandooraa's box and left open the political chaos where did cloudy who didn't start the arab spring but is taking full advantage of it. to the extent that we're cooperating, maybe we're sharing telintelligence, but one thing we're not doing is going after the terrorists ourselves. >> if the president could say one thing tomorrow, send a message, if you will, to our enemies abroad, wha what would u advise him to say. >> we're really now -- instead of making a lot of good speeches, saying we're going to track down the people that killed our own, a little bit less talk and a little bit more do because what he's not done is follow those words with actions. >> kt, nice to see you. >> we'll continue to watch the big story. jon? >> all right. so president obama's first term is officially over. the second has just begun. we're the first couple of hours into it, as a matter of fact, and an up close look at his official swearing in cyber ceret the white house. he'll take the oath of office again tomorrow on capitol hill. crowds are expected to be much smaller than they were four
11:30 am
years ago, but one woman will tell us why she wants to be there once again. [ man ] i've been out there most of my life. you name it...i've hooked it. but there's one... one that's always eluded me. thought i had it in the blizzard of '93. ha! never even came close. sometimes, i actually think it's mocking me. [ engine revs ] what?! quattro!!!!! ♪ quattro!!!!! i've got two tickets to paradise!l set? pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo!
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11:34 am
and repeat after me. >> i will faithfully will faith. >> the office of president of the united states. >> the office of president of the united states. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> preserve, protect, and defend. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constants of the united states. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. wendell goler is live at the white house. they're going to do this all other again. we'll hear the same words tomorrow, right, wendell? >> reporter: we will, jon. when january 20th falls on a sunday as it did with presidents eisenhower and reagan, the ceremony had been done privately that day and then the following day a reenactment, if you will, for the country with the parade and all the pomp and circumstance. this time reporters protested plans for a private ceremony for president obama.
11:35 am
remember, he had one four years ago when the chief justice flubbed the oath. this time he used notes so there was no mistake. thin 1932 it was voted to be mod from march to january when herbert hoover did nothing to address the great depression. having to wait more than five months for the election for fdr to take control. mr. obama will take the oath of office four times, jon. >> there was an interesting story about the vice-president's swearing-in as well. a little commerce intruding? >> reporter: that was held early this morning to accommodate justice sonia sotomayor's plans for a book signing in new york. the constitution stipulates the old president's term ends a second before noon on january 20th, but there's no such time set out for the vice-president. mr. biden really wantedwanted justice so toe mior t -- sonia o
11:36 am
toe mior to administer the offer. >> i want to explain what a wonderful honor it was and how much out of her way the justice had to go. she's due in new york, has to leave right now. i apologize. we're going to walk out. her car is waiting so she can catch a train. i hope i haven't caused her to miss it. >> reporter: her book is called my beloved world, much of it about growing up in the bronx, a place she is absolutely devoted to, jon. >> wendell goler. do we know, did she make the book signing? >> reporter: she did. plenty of time and she should be signing autoing a autographs ase minutes ago. >> he knows where er everybody , that wendell goler. >> he has his own drone. we're keeping an eye on the weather, but it could be a big factor potential in today's nfc title game between the 49ers and the falcons as well as the afc championship battle between the
11:37 am
raravens and the new england patriots. i can't get that wrong because rachel in the control room will cut my mic if i misspeak about the patriots. >> it should be the broncos, but we'll stop there. >> with the winners going on to meet each other in the super bowl two weeks from today, it's a big day in sports. our meteorologist maria molina looking at the weather. can you tell who wins or just the weather? >> the wins, i know who i'm rooting for. >> fair and balanced. >> unbiased. fair and balanced. no choosing here, no sides. i want to point out in atlanta the weather is phenomenal. 61 degrees, a lot of sunshine and it will be beautiful for anyone doing any tailgating. we know the game is indoors, so no issues anyway with the weather even if it were outdoors. georgia looking beautiful right now. otherwise, in the northeast we're actually seeing some much colder air moving on in, and as we head into the next several days, temperatures will be dropping, so that game in new england in foxboro will be very cold. as we head into this evening, we
11:38 am
could be looking at temperatures into the mid 30s out there, and of course, you factor in the winds and it will feel even colder. by the end of the game the wind chill shouldn't make it to 20 degrees. again, bundle up if you're headed out there into new england to watch that next big game. as far as the northeast, right now not too bad in new york city. it's going to be much colder again over the next couple of days, and for the festivities we'll see the temperatures hovering into the low 30s as we head into early tomorrow morning and by monday, 11 a.m., the temperatures should be at about 39 degrees. by the afternoon we could actually be seeing some temperatures into the 40s, but with that colder air moving in, don't be surprised if by -- in dc by the evening hours you could actually see some snow showers moving on through. there's a slight chance we could be seeing that. that would be actually kind of nice to see a couple of flurries. temperatures will be very cold. low 30s. factor in the wind chill and of course, it's going to feel like the 20s out there. again, that's going to be during the evening hours out there across d.c., and portions of the upper midwest already dealing with very cold temperatures. the high temperature today only 8 degrees in minneapolis.
11:39 am
three over in fargo. minot, i north dakota, 7 below. that's your actual temperature, not the wind chill. it will be 11 below whirl be the high temperature in fargo go, and monday it will moderate. by tuesday you'll be mod rating a bit across places into the upper midwest. we have snow right now moving in through portions of illinois and also across portions of the great lakes. keep that in mind. you could be seeing inches accumulating right off the lake of portions of upstate new york, northwestern portions of the state of pennsylvania and again by tomorrow evening, could be seeing an isolated flurry out there in d.c. again, temperatures will be much colder across places into the northeast. otherwise, atlanta looking good right now. no rain, no snow. just a lot of sunshine. >> that sounds good. some folks are seeing minus 9, we really have nothing to complain about. >> no complaining. >> that's for sure. maria, thank you.
11:40 am
>> thanks. turn out for president obama's second inauguration festivities expected to be significantly smaller than they were four years ago. that's when roughly 1.8 million people packed the national mall, but that's not stopping some folks from returning to d.c. to witness history a second time. among them, patricia leak. she is our restaurant management consultant from raleigh, north carolina. you're already there in d.c. you weren't going to miss this opportunity a second time, huh? >> absolutely not, jon. just an opportunity to come back and participate in history, share it with friends and family and just be out there with everyone rooting for the person that we voted for. >> pretty amazing experience the last time around, you say, huh? >> oh, absolutely. last time came very cold, but we're here to witness an inauguration that's historical, but to witness the inauguration of an african-american, our first african-american president, was really exciting. >> they are saying that the
11:41 am
crowds are expected to be smaller. do you detect a diminshment of enthusiasm this time around? >> well, i don't think so. i think the first time people were just excited. people are still excited, but you go from 1.8 million to 800,000. that's still a large crowd for an inauguration. >> all right. so you don't have to bring all of the cold weather gear that you brought last time, i guess. it's going to be nicer this time. >> well, yeah, a little bit. i've been here all weekend, and with my family and with a group traveling in from raleigh. beforwe brought up four buses. yesterday and today the weather is great. tomorrow they say it's supposed to be up to 41, so maybe when we're crying, our tears won't freeze this time. >> it's martin luther king day tomorrow, and as an african-american yourself, it must be doubly momentus to be there on the national mall. >> it really is. just seeing the monument again, being there, being there for his swearing i-in on that day makes you very, very proud. >> well, it's again, just a
11:42 am
momentus occasion. we're glad you can be there to celebrate. patricia leake from raleigh, north carolina. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> you bet. be sure to tune in tomorrow for the second inauguration of president barack obama. anchors bret baier and me beginn kelly will be on hand. watch it all here on fox. coming up, two powerful men often described as being at odds in some cases. we'll take a closer look at the relationship between the president and chief justice roberts as the inauguration kicks into high gear. plus, is our nation on an unsustainable fiscal path? we have brand new polls and what americans really think about government spending. that's next. ♪
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welcome back, everyone. chief justice john roberts swearing in the president today for a second term. it happened a couple hours ago. both men very cordial during this, but beneath the surface lies a complicated relationship, according to some reports. shannon bream is live in washington with more on this story. hi, shannon. >> reporter: hi, jenna. you have to think about for any president what the impact of supreme court nominations and what the court does during his teamterm, what impact it has ons overall legacy. we saw last year the court deciding to uphold the president's health care law that he fought so hard to get passed, but there's the long term
11:47 am
because the nominations, the folks he puts on the court, can have an impact for decades to come, well beyond his time in office. that's why the former justice department official says the president will be under some pressure this time around if he gets another pick. >> if you're in a situation where he's fighting hard for gun control, for immigration reform, for whatever else is on his agenda, he may say i don't want to spend my political capital trying to push through some liberal nominee through the supreme court. it's better spent elsewhere and i can nominate someone who is more well guarded along both sides of the aisle. >> reporter: because, of course, even though the president doesn't have to face voters again, his nominee will certainly have to face the senate. jenna? >> you mentioned how critical the supreme court is. how critical is the senate for this next term? >> reporter: if you look at the current makeup, if you put the independence and the democrats together, they've got 55 to 45 republicans, and as you know, it takes 40 to filibuster a nominee, so when the person is nominated, it will have so much to do with the senate makeup whether they make it through.
11:48 am
there was initial push back to a few justices but they got bi-partisan support including from republican senator lindsey graham. i asked him you voted for both. where would you draw the line on a nominee? here's what he told me. >> if he makes a crazy pick, then i reserved unto myself an ability to filibuster under an extrextraordinary circumstance. i've done that twice. he picked a guy from ninth circuit that was not just liberal, and he would have been a judicial activist of the worst order. >> reporter: by the way, that judge that senator graham mentions there wasn't able to get that nomination through because of his record that so many folks opposed, but he is someone, good win lew, who is on the shooter list that many think -- the short list that the president would be willing to tap into. it will be an interesting fight in the senate. >> a lot to keep an eye on going into the next four years. shannon, thank you. >> reporter: sure. what a difference four years
11:49 am
makes. hope and change marked president obama's first inaugural speech. this time around, a dismal economic recovery and bitter partisanship are taking up some of the luster. up next, what we might expect from the president's second inaugural address. and if the president wants to celebrate after his speech with a glass of wine, it probably won't be trader joe's two buck chuck but some folks are a little bummed out by some of the changes they're calling the end of an era. the machine showed me a map of my feet,
11:50 am
and it gave me my custom number. my arches needed more support until i got my number at the free dr. scholl's foot mapping center. i'm a believer! and you will be too! go to to find your closest walmart with a foot mapping center.
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11:53 am
on this day we gather because we have chosen hope over fear. unity of purpose over conflict and discord. on this day we come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas that for far too long have strangled our politics. we remain a young nation but in the words of scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things. >> remember that from four years ago? a fresh face and a soaring inaugural speech, highlighting hope and calling for change. well, now begins the second term with a still rocky economy and
11:54 am
some bitter partisanship in the rear view mirror, but maybe boiling just under the surface. so what will the president's inaugural address look like this time around? chief washington correspond james rosen is live in d.c. for us. james? >> reporter: jon, good afternoon. perhaps the chief question about the remarks we'll hear shortly after the stroke of noon tomorrow is whether the rhetorical avenues the president and his speech writers might have wanted to pursue this time around are not foreclosed to them because so much of what mr. obama said last time around remains true today. our nation is at war against the far-reaching network of violence and hatred. our economy is badly weakened. homes have been lost. jobs shed. businesses shuttered. our health care is too costly. our schools fail too many. >> most of that speech he could give almost word for word again right now because so little has changed. in that speech he talks about wanting to end two wars, too
11:55 am
many people are out of work, reaching out to the muslim world, reforming our schools, ending the fiscal crisis, so there's all kinds of redundancies that i think he can't go back to. >> reporter: aides to the president tell fox news his second inaugural will be different but not because he's penned in by stubborn conditionings but to the contrary, because the nation itself is in such a fundamentally different place than the dark days of early '09. one presidential historian who recently interviewed the president for rolling stone magazine counseled mr. obama to use the address to address what the president himself last time called around a sapping of our confidence across the land. >> there's a great deal of pass mism and despair in the country now, so i would imagine if i were writing a speech for him, i would want to inject it with a real dose of ronald ray gone optimism, don't despair -- reagan optimism, don't despair in america. he may try to make some comments about us not being a country of
11:56 am
fear. >> reporter: follow me on twitter @jamesrosenfnc. i will let you know which president delivered his two addresses in different cities, neither of them washington, dc, and which president had the longest sentence in his inaugural address, 737 words. @jamesrosenfnc. i'll tell you which one. >> james rosen, something of a wordsmith himself. it seems inflation takes no prisoners. turns out the price of two buck chuck wine at trader joe's is no longer two bucks. it's now $2.49. the popular wine was introduced just over a decade ago and sells more than 5 million bottles every year. some customers calling it the end of an era. trader joe's said it had no choice. it had to rac raise the price do increased cost. 2.49, no longer $2. >> a postage sampl stamp is wha5
11:57 am
cents. >> so no big deal? >> that's what i'm thinking. >> jon has not tried it. >> i have not tried it. >> yeah. >> my co-anchor recommends it. >> not during the show, but i recommend it, sure. why not? two buck chuck. >> i'll give it a try. some new honors for the 44th president of the united states. two creatures, one living and one extinct. what they now have in common with president obama. [ slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you h heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums for their "destination wedding."
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